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Everyone there has been very gracious and accommodating. They make everything is to your liking and that the hearing aids are working properly. Would recommend them to anyone.

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Janet Collins, on Google

I really appreciated Tim and the kind receptionist. I felt welcome and cared for. I especially appreciate the opportunity to make payments to get hearing aides now when I really need them.

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Karin Wiburg, on Google

I took my client here for her appointment. This place is very professional, cleaning and have caring staff. Thank you for making my clients visit exceptional, by helping her get hearing aids.

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blissful_nutrition, on Google

I am a returning patient to Hear on Earth, having had an excellent relationship with this provider in the past. The staff and hearing professionals are first class and I would not consider trusting my hearing care to anyone else.

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Cynthia Anderson, on Google

I have purchased 3 sets of hearing aids from this family business for decades and have had great results. As my hearing got worse, I have had to upgrade to better and newer technology. They are expensive but you get what you pay for from Hear on Earth. They have adjusted and repaired my hearing aids as needed and the turnaround is fast. The owners and staff truly try to do everything possible to help and keep their customers. I have not heard from anyone having as good of service from any other hearing specialist. Thank you for all you have done for me. Larry

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Larry McMillan, on Google

Recently purchased a pair of Audibel Via AI hearing aids, rechargeable, with Bluetooth for phone and an Iphone app. I can truthfully say it has changed my life for the better. I have worn hearing aids for many years and for the first time I am able to really hear, Joe Mainello

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Joe & Karin Mainello, on Google

Excellent service and the most helpful staff. Stephanie and Howard treated me like family. No matter how many times I come in they are happy to see me. Also glad to help me learn how to hook up my device's. Top notch service, also they only sell american made hearing aids, which was a big sell to me! Best customer service In town!

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Will Courtney, on Google

I bought Via Edges and they’re the best hearing aids I’ve ever had. They are so advanced. I didn’t know there was this kind of technology out there! Stephanie and Howard take great care of me and let me come in as often as I want and never charge me a dime. Highly recommend.

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Jan Bamberg, on Google

Stephanie really knows her stuff and cares for her patients. She will get to the bottom of any problem you have!

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John, on Google

I used to work for Hear On Earth and I’m very impressed with the quality of the hearing aids and customer service they provide. I would definitely recommend stopping by for a free consultation.

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Amber Johnson, on Google