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I had a hearing aide that would fall out of my ear and continue to slide down to the ground or get caught in my hair or shirt. I was thankful I always found it. I called Hear On Earth to see what I could do about it. Debbie was...

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Elizabeth O'Rorke, on Google

Very good visit. Receptionist was very kind and friendly. Doctor was very good and help me understand what was needed to help with tinnitus issue. Although insurance didn't cover what I needed he was very informative and helpful. I would recommend this place if you are having heading issues.

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Curtis Oller, on Google

Very friendly Office/Medical assistant as well as the Doctor who saw me for hearing aids. They were nice and let me walk in a little early for my appointment. Thank you. 🙏

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Running Water (RunningWater), on Google

They are great to work with and are very helpful. The atmosphere of the place is light-hearted, friendly and polite. Love the times we have been there.

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John Johansson, on Google

I was having trouble with one of my ears and suspected that it may need cleaning. I called and was able to be seen the same day. It was very nice to meet Denise and Debbie at their LC office. Debbie took great care in evaluating and performing the cleaning....

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resovius, on Google

As a veteran I can say getting my new hearing aids are the best I ever had for hearing when in noise . Best hearing and best service. Thanks Howard A.

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Howard Allman, on Google

I bought Via Edges and they’re the best hearing aids I’ve ever had. They are so advanced. I didn’t know there was this kind of technology out there! Stephanie and Howard take great care of me and let me come in as often as I want and never charge me...

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Jan Bamberg, on Google

Excellent service and the most helpful staff. Stephanie and Howard treated me like family. No matter how many times I come in they are happy to see me. Also glad to help me learn how to hook up my device's. Top notch service, also they only sell american made hearing...

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Will Courtney, on Google

Hear on Earth has a well maintained office, and the owners are knowledgeable, courteous and helpful. They were able to help my parents find hearing aids that fit their needs and their budget. I will be recommending them to people I know.

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J Win, on Google

Such a superior experience to another hearing center that I dealt with in Roswell. So helpful, friendly, kind and accommodating. Gave me so many choices whereas the other place only had one option for hearing aids.

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Rosella Allison, on Google